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Mo Amber is a full-service weddings & special event resource company, dedicated to direct services of planning & coordination, concept development and styling, supplier sourcing, host and event manager services.

We have gained valuable experience through managing highly successful and revenue-generating book lunch events, weddings with over 2000 guests, corporate events such as professional executive luncheons, end of the year party, industry conferences, and sales meetings.

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What We Do

At Mo Amber, we pour our boundless creativity into thinking up fresh, stylish ideas that transform occasions into once in a lifetime events. Exquisite weddings, bespoke corporate events and mind blowing spectacular parties , every event we plan is distinctive, extraordinary and totally bespoke.

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Delivering top-tier work quality.

Whether you need help planning a unique wedding, a stylish corporate function or are seeking inspired party ideas, Mo Amber Concepts are here to assist you in creating your special occasion. Use the button below to let us know about your next event, to see how we can help!

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